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Some of Pixlhut’s latest work

Dodge Hellephant


Because it was hand-built by Chrysler, there was no CG data on this restomod 1968 Charger. Pixlhut’s team painstakingly modeled the car from scan data, photos and measurements. The creative team then scouted for gritty locations, mocked up comps, and chose the look and feel for the project. The backplates were shot by light painting in downtown Detroit in the early hours. Renders were carefully matched to the environments, composited and retouched.

Hellephant Supercharged Hemi Charger
Hellephant Supercharged Hemi Charger
Hellephant Supercharged Hemi Charger
Hellephant Supercharged Hemi Charger

Complex Build and Price Configurator

Pixlhut produced a boat configurator for Tige, a high-end wake boat company. It allows their customers to build a fully customized boat online using a desktop or mobile device. Roughly 15,000 component images were produced for this 10 angle configurator. The total number of possible combinations pushes over one quadrillion.

 Video Demo of Configurator

Daimler VR experience


Pixlhut created an immersive VR experience showcasing the Detroit Assurance Suite of Safety Systems featured on Freightliner’s New Cascadia.


Excerpts from the Daimler Freightliner VR Experience

“Lisa and her team at Pixlhut engaged with my team early in the development phase. Their ability to deep dive into the technical details of Active Brake Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keep Assist helped us put together a thorough and terse immersive experience that helped us present a complex idea in a simplest form.”

  • Sumanoharan Narayanan - Daimler’s Advanced Driver Assistance Engineer


“The entire Pixlhut process from concepting, storyboarding and production was outstanding despite the many content running changes that were taking place throughout the development stages.”

  • Greg Gusko - Daimler’s Detroit Communication Manager, Component marketing


Launch Image Retouching for Chevrolet’s Flagship


Pixlhut’s retouchers worked with Commonwealth, editing and compositing Dana Neibert’s photography. The imagery has been used on billboards and a unique magazine slip cover campaign.