Build & Price Configurators

We build configurators from the bottom up. Pixlhut works with your design and marketing divisions, bringing CG, UI, and UX capabilities that make us uniquely suited to turn your data into exciting dealer and end-user experiences.


We take imagery and animations from 2D and 3D compositing to full frame CG creations, our artists create striking content to get eyes on your product.


Our virtual reality and augmented reality artists create memorable user experiences for advertising, entertainment, and training.

Surfacing & Design

Pixlhut produces and trains professional 3D Sculptors. We create the highest level Class-A models. Every day we have teams of sculptors and designers helping produce industry-ready parametric 3D content. Pixlhut has been involved with several concept and production vehicles on the road today.

Pixlhut’s photo retouching team brings a deep well of experience to the table with every project. Photo editing and compositing by artists, not just technicians. Our in-house collaboration with the VFX artists streamlines 3D and 2D compositing.